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I'm an avid lover (reading, watching, gaming) of anything fantasy (especially high fantasy).

I love getting my hands dirty in my garden, and going on outdoor adventures with my family.  If I'm not writing or driving my kiddos around, you'll find me OUTSIDE!  Hiking and exploring is my favorite.  My favorite outside game....  Let's see how many edible porcine mushrooms we can find for dinner! <groans from my family>

My friends and family know me best as a wildlife rehabilitator in the summer, I have a huge soft-spot for animals.

I have a BS degree in Psychology and currently write in my spare time between part-time work and being a momma.

Mistglenn's Bargain is a finished manuscript, ready for review and I am currently writing and outlining books 2 & 3 in my first series.

Next Steps...

Coming soon!