First blog of 2018- how I came to be a writer

This is my first blog of 2018, well my first blog ever, actually.

On March 10th, 2017 I told my husband that I was going to make IT happen.  “It” being my book, my adventure on becoming independent, and living for myself and family. On that day I scribbled “it’s time to start putting you heart and soul into you” with a dry-erase marker on my bathroom mirror and haven’t looked back.

Rewinding a bit… I started writing for fun (honestly it was therapy) after my mom passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2014.  Writing helped quell the intense emotions floating around in my head.  What better way to escape than create a new world!

I didn’t honestly have a plan or a layout of what my book was going to be about.  I just wrote a couple of chapters and then forgot about it.  Fast forward three years and here I am back in 2017.  I looked at the chapters I wrote, then developed my story.  Like most beginnings, it was a bit disheveled, but I kept at it.  I developed a complete manuscript with around 90,000 words and the outline of a three-book series.  When it became apparent that this wasn’t just a phase, I went to a writer’s conference at a local library, well-stocked with paper and pencil.

There I discovered an amazing world of networking writers and fantastic resources.  I was able to obtain some great info on how to write a query letter, synopsis, and the “how-to” of getting an agent.  One of the speakers there shared some great feedback on my first query letter and was also generous enough to look through my synopsis.

I cannot begin to share with you the helpful community that fellow writers provide.  Get out there and start talking to other authors!  They will help you through the highs and the lows.  Especially the lows.  Yup I’m talking about the infamous REJECTION!

It was at the conference that I discovered…. Twitter.  The underground of writers!  If you’re a writer and not signed up on Twitter, I highly suggest it.  The community and resources for aspiring authors is priceless.

Fast forward to today!  (I’m having to sum it up pretty fast because “mom’s chauffeuring service” is needed) I sent out my first batch of query letters and am waiting to hear back from agent and/or publishers.  I’ve been told that it can take hundreds of queries and possibly years of waiting to get published…. Until that day I’ll be here with a cup of warm tea and my laptop!  Here’s to hoping 2018 brings great things!

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