Book 1- Mist's Keeper

To save the realm, she must die.

Larkin’s journey begins when as a young adult she mysteriously appears within the magical waterfalls of the elven city of Mistglenn.  Unbeknownst to the realm, it was the elven goddess who placed her there as her champion in her most desperate time of need.  The elves of Mistglenn take Larkin in and teach her the ways of their people.  Treyvan, the Elven High Commander trains the young woman to become a fierce warrior.  An intimate and unlikely bond soon forms.

Peace deteriorates when the war waged against massive, savage shadow hounds becomes personal with the death of Larkin’s adoptive elven mother.  Overcoming her grief and sadness, Larkin vows to avenge her mother by traveling beyond the safety of Mistglenn’s protective gates to end the shadow hound threat.  Larkin’s beloved friend Breven, the king of the Silver Mountain dwarves, accompanies her on her journey, while her love Treyvan stays behind to secure the city of Mistglenn.

On this journey, she discovers her fighting prowess goes beyond her short sword and dagger.  She uncovers clues to her mysterious past and learns the elven goddess has a much larger role for her to play.  She and her friends battle hellish hounds and flesh-eating wights only to unearth an imprisoned, ancient god.  The fate of the realm hinges on Larkin unleashing her hidden powers in order to defeat this hidden and much deadlier foe.

Seige of Ruinia

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Book 3

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