The Emotional Roller Coaster of Query Submissions & How I Deal With It!

I’ve been stuck on this ride for a few weeks now and my head has departed from my neck and spinning across the room. From what I hear, my time frame is but a drop in the bucket. Excuse me while I cross my arms, huff, and have a silly pity party. My rational side really is aware that it takes a lot longer than a few weeks, but the potential excitement of selling my book is raw folks!
I whisked out a couple batches of queries to agents and publishers and the wait is painfully frustrating (again silly pity party). Through conferences and articles, I learned that it could take years before getting published and for many people it takes hundreds of queries before even obtaining an agent. Before pressing that send button, I always lecture my inner child. I sternly wag my finger and remind them to wait patiently like an adult is supposed to. I fail miserably on a daily basis!
One thing I dearly appreciate is the rejection email. Don’t get me wrong, I really hate seeing that nine-letter word printed out in black and white on my screen, but just to hear back from an agent really helps moving forward mentally.
So far, I have heard back from two well-known, super-busy, New York agents. Talk about class! I knew I didn’t have a chance in hell signing with them, but what I appreciated was the time they took to send a response. It helped me move forward and continue on with my plans. No response, generates stagnancy and over-analyzing in my world. I did take the time to send back a grateful reply, I’m hoping they had a chance to see that small thank you. Most of the time agents don’t receive that kind of response after a rejection. After that, I forged on.
Writing has never been a favored past-time. During my school-aged years I fought physically and mentally when a paper came due. I didn’t find my passion for writing until my mid-30s. Want to read more about my journey? Check out my previous blog “How I came to be a writer”.
I never thought I would be sitting here chewing my nails to the quick awaiting any variety of reply from an agent or publisher. Realizing that it could take months/years to gain some traction, I decided for my own and my family’s sanity, I needed to find something to keep me busy. Something preferably dealing with my manuscript that I’ve poured my heart and soul into for months.
The first thing I decided to do was start building my writing platform when taking mental breaks from working on the next two books in my “Fate of Feinmoor” series. Developing a website is a good way to keep you busy, especially if you’ve never created a website before. The minutes spent with the support techs at my website hosting agency kept me consumed. You laugh but, I am not web-tech savvy okay!
I am working through most of my website’s issues. Ok now what?
The next chosen distraction came in the form of this blog. Now I know why writers do this! It’s a great way to work through emotions and share experiences. I’ve found clarity in my frustrations and formulated strategies through reflecting on and writing down my thoughts. Perusing on fellow author’s blogs I’ve also found amazing and helpful advice on getting through this labyrinth known as “aspiring authorship”. This brings me to my next, and LARGEST, diversion.
Twitter is a vast digital wealth of data. I started Twitter a few months ago (For some reason this sentence makes me sound like a recovering Twitter addict. Yes, I just stumbled upon step 1, recognizing I have a problem). Since then, I have sifted through article after article helping me through this foreign and hair-pulling process. I’ve found new writer friends, peer critiques, beta readers and a wealth of knowledge from agents, publishers, and successful authors.
For now, my sanity is intact, though it may be hanging by a thread some days. I’ll be slowly and methodically submitting queries over the coming months. I’ll be adding maps of my world to my website in between chauffeuring my kids, my part-time job, and laundry. When my eye starts twitching, you’ll find me on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “The Emotional Roller Coaster of Query Submissions & How I Deal With It!”

  1. Distractions are a must! Glad you’re finding useful ones. But if I don’t get to read your books soon I might scream! 😛
    Just keep writing and submitting. You’ll find your way! You can do the THING!

    1. Hahahahaha! Well it’s time for another blog update. I won’t go have some things to share. Although it feels like a step backwards, I feel that my current circumstances will only help my book get better!

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